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Ski Development & Training

Our successful Ski Development system has produced a number of top ski racers and continues to help both novice and experience skiers achieve their goals.

Coaching System

Alt text Our coaching system is based around 5 coaching groups designed to provide coaching tailored closely to the various stages of development a skier will go through as they develop their technique. Ranging from basic snowplough turns up to national level racers, we cater for all ages and abilities.

» Read about our Coaching groups here

Race Development Squad

Alt textOur Race Development Squad meet for extra training sessions on Sunday mornings. This gives both the experienced and budding racers a chance to spend more time perfecting their technique. For further details of these sessions please enquire on a club night.

Snow Training

Alt textRavens now run regular snow training sessions at the Xscape SnoZone in Castleford. This not only allows skiers to develop their technique on the 'white stuff' but also helps keep up their skills over the long summer months. For further details of these sessions please enquire on a club night.

Many of our members choose to take up club run training opportunities at mountain resorts in Europe. These trips are primerily organised around the school term and allow members to train with our own coaches. We often provide coaching for the more casual adults and parents in the club.