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Our Coaching System

Ravens has been responsible for producing some of the region's top ski racers for over 25 years. Our aim is to develop and maximise a skier's potential with a focus on producing the fastest ski racers with the knowledge and techniques to allow them to fulfill their skiing aspirations at any level. Ravens Ski Club has five coaching groups which follow a structured development program for skiers of all ages.

Group 1: FUNdamentals

Alt text The focus of the 'FUNdamentals' group is to develop existing all-round basic skiing ability with an emphasis on fun and participation. A structured program is in place to improve general development and skiing ability. Skiers should already be able to perform a controlled snowplough before joining this group with the desire to progress on to a parallel turn.

Group 2: Learn to Train

Alt text The focus of the 'Learning to Train' group is to develop parallel turns with a greater focus on technique. The athletes begin to learn how to train and should be able to successfully parallel turn and focus on leg rotation with a view to developing the basic principles of the carving technique.

Group 3: Training to Train

Alt text The 'Training to Train' group builds on the skills already learned in the first two groups and places strong emphasis on developing a sound carving technique. A greater focus on leg rotation, movement and feelings are discussed in order to enhance control and awareness on the skis. The basics of mental preparation are taught and athletes should be comfortable with the carving technique with the desire to focus on training to develop speed.

Group 4: Training to Compete & Training to Win

Alt textThe 'Training to Compete' group aims to develop the racers instinct. Strong focus on enhancing an athletes awareness are evident, with advanced mental preparation skills learned. Technical skills focusing on developing a racing technique are high on the agenda. Athletes should have a strong carving technique and be comfortable skiing at speed through a race course. 

The 'Training to Win' group enhances on all of the skills learned so far with athletes striving to achieve peak performance. Integrated mental, cognitive, and emotional development is evident with athletes comprehending the needs of a competitive skier. Providing feedback based on feelings, movements and race environments are all integral parts of the groups coaching sessions. All round technical performances are further enhanced and responsibility for personal fitness development is introduced. Athletes should have a desire to achieve with a strong racing technique. and should be able to ski a race course at speed and comprehend how to train effectively for competitions.

Race Development squad

Alt textThe Race Development Squad is for those athletes who view skiing as one of their primary sports and who feel the need to train in addition to the Club Night each week to reach their maximum potential. The Squad aims to bring the athletes together to introduce a sense of teamwork to training and competing. It continues to focus on the all-round development of the athletes as well as develop enhanced racing techniques.

Athletes are encouraged to follow a training diary and are expected to register with their home National Governing Body to represent Ravens Ski Club with a view to attending at least 3 club national races and strive to achieve under 250 seed points.

The Race Development Squad meets three Sundays per month.